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Community description:Transformers fandom speedwriting community
How it works
Every Saturday, a prompt post will go up. The time will be announced in the stats post, which goes up every Friday. If LJ isn't available, we'll post over here on our Dreamwidth journal.

The prompt can be almost everything. A single word, a picture, a song or quote.

When the prompt is posted, just write. Everything goes (drabble, fashfic, one sentence-fics etc), and every continuity and warning is allowed as long as it is stated in the header, there’s only one restriction:

You have 120 minutes to write for the prompt!

It’s called “speed writing” for a reason.

Of course, we can’t control how much time you take, but if you post a fic with over 5000 words, we might get suspicious. ;p But you can do a lot within two hours!

And no worries if you joined the writing day too late, you can still take one of the earlier prompts; click here for the prompts we've used so far. All that matters: mind the time!

If you'd like to suggest prompts for us to use in the future, please do so here or PM one of the mods.

After the marathon, a stats post will be compiled, containing a list of every fic posted before the stats post goes up (usually in the late afternoon European time on Fridays).

This community is not a contest, it all about fun! So if you write for only one prompt a day or for all six, that’s all fine, as long as you have fun.

How to post
You don’t have much time, we know that, so you can keep the header short, but there are a few things that still need to be posted:

In the header/subject line/title (that little box at the top of the page), note the number of the prompt you've used. Plus, if you've done all six, remember to write 'Full Set' (this makes it easier for the person collating the stats post, and it ensures that the icon-maker won't accidentally miss you out)

Warnings/Content Advice

That’s all. Summary or word count doesn’t need to be in the header, but the rest makes it easier for those who put the fic newsletter together. :)

The warnings/content advice is important to let the reader know what to expect. We don’t want anyone to get squicked out.

The rating is important, because everything higher than PG-13/T is to be members locked!

And the Disclaimer should be in there for obvious reasons.

Most Important: Mind the time! 120 minutes for a fic, not more! (Yes, it’s about pressure! :p)

Tag your entries! Tagging rules can be found here.

Members lock every post for fic rated higher than PG-13/T.

Every fic longer than 200 Words goes under an LJ cut.

If you're hosting your fic on another journal and just providing a link on [info]tf_speedwriting, do not link to friends-locked material, as this is unfair on the people who might want to read it.

And of course the usual community rules: No rants, wank or bashing - either character or author. We’re here to have fun, a lot of - fast - fun. Please don’t ruin it!

Violations of the rules will have consequences, but we hope it won’t be necessary.

So, how much can you do Transformers? ;P

Why 120 minutes?

Because an hour is too short, and three hours are too long. We don’t want you to hurry too much, but we don’t want you to be too relaxed either. :p
Also, with this time scale, you can write for more prompts than just one a day.

Can I post prompts, too?

No, only mods can post prompts, but we’ll be happy for you to give us inspiration. If you have an idea for a prompt, write a PM. Maybe we won’t use exactly your prompt, but a variation on it.

Are crossover fics OK?

Yes, everything goes. Every continuity, crossover, warning… whatever you can think of, as long as you state the warnings and ratings. ;)

More questions? Go here.
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